Imagine a place where all animals are treated with respect and kindness.

Where all fuzzy, furry and feathered companion animals have a place to call home and are safe from harm.

Where every pet is loved as a member of the family, and has access to care to live a long and happy life.

There is such a place. We call it Petopia.

Animal advocates have joined together to create this pet utopia right here in the greater Portland metro area.

We believe that when every animal is treated with compassion, people’s lives are better too.

Because Petopia is a place where pets and people thrive.

Be a part of it!


Creating Petopia

Help us to continue this success, as there is so much more we can do for the pets in our community. Find out how!

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Petopia Community

Now you have a place to connect with other animal lovers in your community and share the pictures & videos that make Petopia.

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We are fortunate to have some wonderful organizations and resources in place that will be able to assist you and your pet.

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Animal Community Talks

Animal Community Talks is a non-profit organization that organizes free educational presentations and resources for professionals and volunteers in the animal field. We are helping to build Petopia by making quality education... read more →